nail trends and inspirations

nail trends and inspirations

from our essie manicurist pros to the latest in runway trends, the latest in how-tos and what's cool.

must try: nude nail colours for all skin tones

tips & trends must try: nude nail colours for all skin tones

Need some nail inspo? Explore our latest article on nude nail designs & achieve a clean, chic & minimalist manicure all over with essie Australia. Read now.

strong nails how to's (winter edition)

tips & trends strong nails how to's (winter edition)

Read the ultimate guide on growing & maintaining strong healthy nails. Discover hot tips in keeping your nail hydrated throughout the cold season. Learn more.

4 colour trends to inspire your next manicure

tips & trends 4 colour trends to inspire your next manicure

Hop into the latest nail trends with essie. Level up your look this season with our guide to the chicest nail colour trends and matching essie shades. Read on.

how long does it take nail polish to dry title  image

tips & trends how long does it take nail polish to dry?

tired of smudging your freshly-made manicures? discover how long it really takes for your nail polish to dry and learn how you can dry it faster!

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tips & trends the guide to long lasting nail polish

discover how you can keep your freshly-manicured nails long-lasting, healthy & aesthetically appealing with essie's ultimate list of do's and don'ts.

three summer nail colours to try ASAP

tips & trends three summer nail colours to try ASAP

it’s time for the gloves to come off. as summer is upon, we’ve rounded up the season’s best and brightest looks for the beach and beyond. from playful patterns to fresh-squeezed french tips, find out how to nail summer 2021’s hottest trends.


tips & trends the perfect essie manicure is in your hands

whether you put a beautiful manicure in the hands of your favourite salon professional or take matters into your own hands at home, follow these easy manicure steps will get you an essie-approved colour manicure.


tips & trends step out in the perfect essie pedicure

sandal season, an open toe or a winter pamper session, you should always put your best foot forward with an essie pedicure. so, step out in style in these easy pedi tricks.


tips & trends you better shape up: filing and trimming your nails

After you’ve cleaned nails and created a beautiful working canvas, you’ll want to file and trim nails for your desired nail shape. Whether square, squavol, stiletto or trending coffin nails, it’s up to you on how to showcase a manicure. Brush up – or should we say file down – with these nail care tips.


tips & trends gel-like shine at-home

how to do gel-like nails at home


tips & trends find the perfect essie nail polish for your skin tone

alright, we’re going to say it. Our essie colours are meant to look stunning on every shade of skin. But we understand the hassle of trying to find your favourite, seasonally appropriate, occasion-based, “shake things up” colour of the moment. Rita Remark, celebrity manicurist breaks it down with some of her favourite essie nail polish shades. Discover the perfect nail colour for your skintone!

your guide to vegan & 8-free nail polish

tips & trends your guide to vegan & 8-free nail polish

read essie’s ultimate guide on vegan & 8-free nail polish. discover why you should switch to 8-free and vegan nail polish in our latest article. learn more.