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the guide to long lasting nail polish

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whether you’re stepping out to hit up the dancefloor, soak in some vitamin d on the beach or check out that vibey new brunch spot… the last thing you want is to look down and see your once impeccable mani chipped, flaking and generally worse for wear. the question of how to stop nail polish from chipping has been around for as long as nail polish itself has, so today, we’re going to help you master long lasting nail polish for good.


how to stop nail polish from chipping

here’s the first stop on your mission to learn how to make nail polish last: make sure you’re starting with a healthy canvas. your nails are the foundation to your perfect manicure, and long lasting nail polish requires a clean, sturdy base. a base coat can help you get there – and essie’s take on a base coat slash nail strengthening solution is strong start. the vegan, strength-boosting formula helps nails resist chipping and peeling for long lasting nail polish, while biotin works to fortify nails over time.

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do: refresh top coat every few days

top coat shields your manicure from the elements and can kick the finish up a notch too. for a high-shine, gel-like finish, essie’s gel couture top coat could be the one for you – it can last for up to 12 days with chip resistance. for a fashion-forward matte finish, choose matte about you. to get the most out of your mani, we recommend re-applying a thin coat of your top coat of choice every few days.

do: apply cuticle oil

keep nail beds soft and nourished by adding cuticle oil to your night-time routine. simply pop a bottle of essie’s apricot cuticle oil on your bedside and massage a few drops into your cuticles each night for hours of uninterrupted hydration. healthy nails means long lasting nail polish!

do: use longwear nail polish

if you’re ready for a serious colour commitment, try essie’s gel couture. it’s our two-step, longwear polish system that wears longer than classic enamel – no soaking or uv lamp required. opting for a longwear formula is a sure-fire way to extend the life of your mani and get that coveted long lasting nail polish effect.

don’t: soak your hands

our next recommendation for how to stop nail polish from chipping is to avoid soaking nails in hot water. don a pair of rubber gloves when washing up and aim to keep your hands dry when possible – as keeping your fingertips submerged in hot water for long periods will encourage polish to lift and flake.

don’t: expose your nails to staining

foods like beetroot and turmeric (although delicious) can add an unwanted tinge to your manicure that’ll have you reaching for the nail polish remover prematurely. whenever possible, try to use gloves when preparing these ingredients and a utensil when consuming them to keep your nail pigment the shade you intended. 


don’t: peel your nails

goes without saying - or something we’re all secretly guilty of? if you can prevent your polish from lifting and chipping with the steps above, you’ll be less likely to pick and scrape your mani into oblivion. if all else fails and you find yourself ready to indulge in a polish-picking session – remember, why pick your nails when you can pick your next favourite essie shade?

how long does essie nail polish last?

a bottle of essie nail polish can last up to two years with proper care – just make sure you’re securing your polish airtight after each use. meanwhile, an essie manicure using gel setter will have your fingertips glossy and pigmented for up to two weeks at a time. for the best long lasting nail polish, be gentle with your nails, and don’t skip on top coat to seal the deal.

essie nail polish range

you better shape up: learn how to file your nails like an expert next.

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