nail art ideas & designs

nail art ideas & designs

elevate your at-home manicure experience with essie nail art ideas. get inspired by a variety of creative, beautiful and simple nail art designs and learn how to create them at home with our easy step-by-step tutorials. explore now!


nail art sorbet swirl nail art

sugary sweet nail art with a watercolour marble effect. this ombre design in playful pastels is a cute touch for anyone’s spring style.


nail art banded arrows nail art

the sky is the limit with this negative space arrow nail art design featuring bands of turquiose, coral, and white shades.


nail art between the lines nail art

colour in between the lines with this negative space nail art design featuring two-toned blue shades.


nail art blurred lines nail art

colour in between the lines with this negative space nail art design featuring two-toned blue shades.


nail art sweet swirl nail art

swirl on the sweetness in this simple art design featuring layers of plum, coral, and nude shades.


nail art reach for the stars nail art

this on-trend star nail art design mixes soft blue with metallic hues for a look that’s out of this world.


nail art pebbled polka dots nail art

spotted! simple pastel polka dot nail art that’s always on point.


nail art haute for halloween nail art

flaunt an elegant halloween nail art look with a chic coral twist and understated black and white accents.


nail art rock it in geode nail art

discover a hidden gem with this geode-inspired nail art design using a rainbow of purples and blues with a touch of glitter.


nail art colour curve nail art

kimono over and try this fall nail art design by essie


nail art the bride wore pink nail art

polka dot your “i dos” with this modern but simple metallic pink wedding nail art design. perfect for your wedding day or any day.


nail art frame your look nail art

picture perfect cute nail art is at your fingertips with this graphic, boxy geometric design.


nail art crimson eclipse

rousing red tops a pink half moon manicure in this cute simple tricolour nail art design.