discover essie's iconic glitter nail polish collection. from luxe glitters to pearl shimmers, these nail polishes are all about glamouring up your look.

set in stones set in stones enamel set in stones Essie Set In Stones nail polish is a disco mirror silver nail colour with shining metallic shimmers. This glitter nail varnish transforms nails into disco mirror ball chaos. Layer it over a favourite Essie shade as a top coat to create manicure looks from seriously sharp to major bling. view details a cut above a cut above enamel a cut above Add glitz'n'glamour to your look. Top your favourite Essie nail varnish with a coat of jewels and create a lavish nail look with this cutting edge, glitter nail polish/top coat. view details

get festive with essie's glitter nail polish collection. add a hint of sparkle on top of your favourite nail polish colour to finish off your manicure.

depending on which glittery look you're after, discover our classic silver and pink nail polishes to complement your dazzling look.

how to apply glitter nail polish?

essie's glitter nail polishes are easy to use at home. start with your go-to nail care routine to prep the nail base properly. pro tip, you can opt for the essie appricot cuticle oil to protect and hydrate your cuticles. next, use a base coat nail polish before applying your favourite nail polish. then start adding your chosen glitter nail polish to create manicure looks from seriously sharp to major bling. last but not least, seal your manicure with a layer of your desired top coat.

how do I remove stubborn glitter nail polish?

at essie, our effect nail polishes are formulated free from toxins which means they're relatively easy to remove when done properly. to remove, soak your cotton pad in nail polish remover and allow it to sit on the nail for 30 seconds.

for thicker and more texturised glitter, opt for gel removal wraps and wrap the nail for 2 to 3 minutes. then, similar to how you'd push back cuticles, gently push the glitter away from your nail bed with an orangewood stick or metal pusher.

dazzling silver glitter nail polish

if neutral is your colour, the essie set in stones nail polish is for you. with a disco mirror ball effect, this nail polish will give your fresh manicures a bohemian feel and look. this nail polish is also a perfect way to give you that flawless, glittery coverage and help protect your manicures' durability.

timeless glitter pink nail polish

if you're looking for a pop of colour, try a cut above glitter pink nail polish from essie. this highly-pigmented nail polish will give you that lavish nail look with a shattered pink diamond glitz effect on your nails. with 8-free and vegan formula, the pink flecks are perfect for day or night out.


for more ideas and tips to elevate your glitter manicures, visit our nail art guides section.