summer 2021

summer 2021

6 summery and punchy bright limited edition shades

summer 2021 collection

the zest has yet to come - it’s time to dive into a juicy, summertime fling with vibrant views of citrus hues! introducing the essie limited edition summer 2021 collection. imagine the Italian coast has you sipping a tangy drink and boldly calling over a handsome lemon-fellow. six summery shades with sautéed and punchy bright nail polishes to capture a craving for color and summertime cheer. you’ll want to flirt with each one of them.

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tangerine tease hands

your summertime fling is in full swing. so pucker up and dare to get your grove on! you’ve found a limon-fellow whose basket half-full attitude has you feeling’ just lime. be the tangerine tease and lead him on to the terracotta terrace. with vibrant views of citrus hues - you know the zest has yet to come! ciao for now - we’ll be waiting for all the juicy details later…